TV Queen Ellen DeGeneres: How She Made Her Fortune

Gaining fame as a comedian, Ellen DeGeneres shifted her career trajectory and burst onto the daytime TV scene in 2003 with “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Clever, affable, and genuine, Ellen quickly wormed her way into the hearts of millions, with the show churning out laughter and light-hearted fun, getting huge ratings boost in the process.

For Ellen, immense commercial success resulted in considerable financial growth. The show made most of its revenue from advertising partnerships. For example, substantial revenues came from her tie-ups with big brands like Walmart and Beat Electronics. Both ventures reportedly deposited millions to Ellen’s account.

As Ellen’s fame grew, so did her earning capabilities. Forbes reported that in 2018, she earned approximately $87.5 million. Even with her recent announcement of the show ending in 2022, estimated earnings from reruns and residual rights will still be substantial.

Besides her TV gig, Ellen has made smart real estate investments over the years. She has acquired and sold properties worth over $450 million, adding value to her net worth. Furthermore, she capitalized on her fame with a line of lifestyle products called “ED Ellen DeGeneres.”

In conclusion, through her TV show, endorsement deals, real estate ventures, and product line, Ellen DeGeneres has cleverly made her fortune. Clearly, the adage ‘laughter is the best medicine’ holds true for Ellen, as her comedic talent has indeed become her path to prosperity.

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